The TUM School of Natural Sciences actively participates in various central events at the Technical University of Munich. We actively promote natural science programs and advocate for the dissemination of current scientific knowledge to the general public.

These events include, among others, the TUM Open Campus Day for presenting our bachelor's programs, "studium MINT," where fundamental knowledge of physics and chemistry is conveyed, as well as the "Unitag" for high school students.

Furthermore, we support initiatives like GoBiochem, initiated by students, to provide high school students with the opportunity to gain insights into various study programs.

If you would like further information about our TUM School of Natural Sciences or are interested in arranging a campus visit for your school class at the Garching campus, Dr. Johannes Wiedersich and Dr. Robert Reich are available via email. In the Munich region, we also offer school visits upon request, where we impart fascinating insights from the fields of chemistry and physics to inspire a new generation of scientists.


If you are a member of our academic team, whether as a professor or research staff, and you would like your latest achievements and successes to be featured in our "News" section, we kindly ask you to get in touch with Robert Reich and Johannes Wiedersich via email. We are particularly interested in outstanding research results on current societal issues, successful acquisition of prestigious funding, or the receipt of renowned research awards.