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Munich Sustainability Award for Dr Philipp Stanley

Research that drives artificial photosynthesis is an essential building block for the energy transition. Dr. Philip Stanley, who completed his PhD…

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Unchaining the power of catalysis

With Jennifer Strunk, Technical University of Munich (TUM) and e-conversion have attracted a researcher with big goals and a zest for action: At the…

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Prof. Thomas Fässler receives the Arfvedson-Schlenk Prize

The „Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh)“ awards Prof. Dr. Thomas Fässler from the Technical University of Munich the Arfvedson-Schlenk Prize,…

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Three ERC Consolidator Grants for TUM School of Natural Sciences researchers

High-resolution X-ray imaging, a better understanding of how chromosomes work and synthetic life from the laboratory: these are the topics that three…

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A miniature magnetic resonance imager made of diamond

The development of tumors begins with miniscule changes within the body's cells; ion diffusion at the smallest scales is decisive in the performance…

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How organic solar cells could become significantly more efficient

The sun sends enormous amounts of energy to the earth. Nevertheless, some of it is lost in solar cells. This is an obstacle in the use of organic…

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„TUM Distinguished Affiliate Professor“: Prof. Dr. Karsten Reuter

On July 27th the Technical University of Munich awarded Prof. Karsten Reuter the title of “Distinguished Affiliated Professorship” of TUM.

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Tracing invisible particles

How high are concentrations of microplastics in the environment, in our drinking water or in foods? Researchers at the Technical University of Munich…

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Nobel Prize in Chemistry for TUM honorary doctor K. Barry Sharpless

The US university professor and TUM honorary doctor Prof. K. Barry Sharpless is a 2022 Nobel laureate in the field of chemistry. Together with his US…