Open Doors with the Mouse 2023

On October 3rd, numerous visitors flocked to the nationwide action day "Open Doors with the Mouse" at the Garching Research Campus. Under the motto "Precious Treasures," children and adults embarked on an exciting scientific exploration journey, involving magic potions, X-rayed surprise eggs, three-dimensional visualizations of the universe, tours of the research neutron source, a chemistry lecture demonstration, and much more.

The experimental lecture "Natural Sciences for Everyone" by the TUM School of Natural Sciences, presented by Prof. Tom Nilges, received much applause from the approximately 250 spectators. At our interactive stations, visitors could conduct various experiments in physics and chemistry. Additionally, there were guided tours of the Catalysis Research Center's research laboratories.

Program of the TUM School of Natural Sciences

In the chemistry lecture by Prof. Tom Nilges and Tobias Kubo, featuring numerous experiments, there were interesting experiences for all the senses and much to learn:

  • Colors, smells, sounds, tastes
  • Fire and ice
  • Heaven and hell
  • Energy conversion: electrolysis and fuel cell
  • A banana as a hammer
  • Several explosions (all participants were provided with hearing protection)

At the joint NAT booth, there was a wealth of experiments to try, participate in, and puzzle over:

  • Optics, light, and spectroscopy
  • Optical fibers
  • Spectral decomposition through a prism
  • What are colors?
  • Model of an eye and glasses
  • Does my sunglasses filter UV light? (Many visitors examined their sunglasses themselves)
  • Optical illusions
  • Colorful chemical reactions
  • Dry ice experiments
  • Making chromatography flowers yourself

Detailed information about the "Open Doors with the Mouse" action day 2023 can be found at TUM News & Events.