Websites NAT School

The establishment of the TUM School of Natural Sciences on October 1, 2022, with the departments of Bioscience, Chemistry, and Physics, as well as the reorientation of the study organization with Professional Profiles, requires a restructuring of the web presence and the migration of content from the old websites into the new structure.


The NAT website provides information concerning the entire school, such as organization, research clusters, and study opportunities.

Websites for study and Ph.D. programs

All detailed information relevant to study and Ph.D. programs can be found here:

Websites Departments

The department pages provide information on research topics, current research findings, and the respective research groups:

Website of the former Faculty of Physics

The website of the former Faculty of Physics includes not only static content but also dynamically generated content from a database and a variety of applications for academic administration. The database and content have been frozen."

The static content has been integrated into the web presence of the school and archived as a static snapshot. The applications and databases are being migrated to a newly developed platform called 'Digital School Services NAT.' The original physics web server remains temporarily accessible for internal purposes within the university network. However, the database will no longer be updated, and the service will be discontinued once all services are available in the new system.

Website of the former Faculty of Chemistry

The content has been integrated into the web presence of the school.